Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Custom Dolls: Creating Satsuki

MEET Satsuki
Satsuki (pronounced SOT-ski) is one of the main characters in the animated film My Neighbor Totoro. I loved the movie as a kid, a rediscovered it recently. It's a super cute feel good movie. I decided to turn retired historical doll Ivy into Satsuki. I used these movie stills as inspiration for her and her "meet outfit" which she wears for most of the movie.
I chose the Tara wig by Monique in dark brown, size 10-11. It's a very dark brown, almost black. I would choose a lighter shade if I did it again.  Then I commissioned erinslittlesecrets on etsy to make her meet outfit. I chose her shop because she makes items similar to Satsuki's outfit.

My ebay Ivy arrived already unwigged, with a long blonde wig siting unglued on her head. (I later used that wig for Elizabeth!)

I glued on her new short wig. I highly recommend tying up long hair and pinning short hair before gluing. I had to comb a lot of glue residue from the ends of her hair. When she arrived her legs were very floppy, so much that she couldn't stand without help. Limb tightening is a lot of work that I didn't want to do, so I gave her a new body from GOTY Isabelle. Satsuki received a toy totoro plushie, and a custom-made totoro hoodie from Mimiville on etsy.

Ready set, let's go!

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